Sunday, October 27, 2013


Iran , also known as Persia with more than three thousand year of history officially known as Islamic republic of Iran , placed in Middle East ,has a population of 80 million people with the majority of Moslems . The 18th largest country in the world and 17th most populated nation . From the south it's attached to the Persian gulf , on its north it is connected to Caspian see, has boarder with Azerbaijan,Armenia ,Turkey  , Iraq from west and Turkmenistan , Afghanistan and Pakistan are on its east. Iran is known for its history , culture and food. Kebab is Iran's national dish ; Iranians are really open and friendly to other cultures and people from foreign countries . Here in this website I would mostly introduce I ran and Iranians and try to help with this miss understanding about iran and try to give a better impression and rewrite the the wrong reputation given about my people , culture and country .

Iran has 32 states ,each of them has it's own culture ,they have their own accent ,history and awesome food. Iran's capital city ,Tehran is placed in north middle of the country is a mixture of all of the other 31 state with a mixture of westernized lifestyle . People from Tehran are coincide red to have no accent and to represent all of the cultures as a mix.for those who are interested in knowing Iran and Persian culture Teheran is a great place to start , it's geographical position represent Iran as the four sisoun country which it is. Down town is a great place to have a perspective of this huge culture and the old history of it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The things I carry

The things I carry

The things which one carry's determine their personality , character and individuality. People don't just carry objects but they also carry emotion , feeling and all the other things that represent their present in the society.

Every day I carry my iphone , headphone , a black leather wallet from Paul Smith with the color design in side, I carry sun glasses ; why I do that is due to the weather here , every day I carry a heavy backpack to school Monday to Friday ; in it I have books , my laptop and ipad. Many people ask about my watch ; every day I wear a Big bang Hublot.

All these Describe the things that I carry and my look apart clothing , however non makes me who I am non let me act and talk the way I do and non is the reason for it. What makes me who I am is the feeling ,experiences and the society I have lived in ; the culture I have been raised in, these are all the things which make me who I am and it shapes my personality.

The things which I carry is being Iranian, being persian , speaking Farsi , Arabic , English ... the things that I carry is the attitude I have toward people and the perspective I give people about my culture .