Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The things I carry

The things I carry

The things which one carry's determine their personality , character and individuality. People don't just carry objects but they also carry emotion , feeling and all the other things that represent their present in the society.

Every day I carry my iphone , headphone , a black leather wallet from Paul Smith with the color design in side, I carry sun glasses ; why I do that is due to the weather here , every day I carry a heavy backpack to school Monday to Friday ; in it I have books , my laptop and ipad. Many people ask about my watch ; every day I wear a Big bang Hublot.

All these Describe the things that I carry and my look apart clothing , however non makes me who I am non let me act and talk the way I do and non is the reason for it. What makes me who I am is the feeling ,experiences and the society I have lived in ; the culture I have been raised in, these are all the things which make me who I am and it shapes my personality.

The things which I carry is being Iranian, being persian , speaking Farsi , Arabic , English ... the things that I carry is the attitude I have toward people and the perspective I give people about my culture .

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