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Is the begging of persian new year and is the celebration of it, Norooz is on 20th of march whit the meaning of New day has an old history and carries a lot of culture with it self and is one of the oldest events on the earth which is celebrated by persians since 2500 year ago. One of the philosophies  behind the day which is chosen for the beginning persian new year is that 20th of march is same as beginning of spring and spring is when all the plants start regrowing and is the rebirth of the nature.

Spring is called Bahar in Persian and is known as rebirth of the nature and the chance of correcting the wrongs that we have had before. During this season both north and south of Iran is Host of people traveling from all over the country specially in the two state of Mazandaran in north and Kish Island in south. These area both are both by the sea and they have a vary different nature, one is connected to persian gulf and the other one is connected to Caspian sea. Kish has every piece of the culture of the south, from food music and traditions with presence of happiness and joy it is known as one of the happiest cities in Iran. Mazandaran which is by the Caspian sea carries the deep culture and history of  more than 8000 years due to a statue found in that are, Mazandaran is the biggest producer of rice in Iran and they are known for their special way of cooking rice and fish which is their main dish.

Part of Norooz tradition and its meaning is to empty the house and clean every spot of it to be ready to face a new year with a lot of events. The event of cleaning the house for new year is called Khoone Tekooni Which is to show that a family is ready to start new and be fresh for the new year. In traditions its said that its important the family members all help with Khoone Tekooni so that they go through stuff together. Family is the most important element of success in Persian philosophy . In Khoone Tekooni is vary Important to wash all the carpets in the house; persian houses are covered in carpet and in old days carpet was made by women's and it represents a lot of life elements in persian philosophy .

Every Norooz a serie of objects are collected and put together on a table in the main room of the house were Norooz is going to be celebrated. seven of these object start with the letter S in persian and they each represent an element or have a meaning, this set of things are called Haft Sin which means seven S. Mirror, apple, candle, Golab, Sabze, Goldfish, painted egg, are some of the objects which are found in Haft Sin and they each symbolize something:

  • Mirror - symbolizing Sky
  • Apple - symbolizing Earth
  • Candles - symbolizing Fire
  • Golab - rose water symbolizing Water
  • Sabzeh - wheat, or barley sprouts symbolizing Plants
  • Goldfish - symbolizing Animals
  • Painted Eggs - symbolizing Humans and Fertility

  • Some other thing on Haft Sin:

    • Samanu - (Persian: سمنو‎)-sweet pudding made from wheat germ - symbolizing affluence
    • Senjed - (Persian: سنجد‎)-dried oleaster Wild Olive fruit - symbolizing love
    • Sir - (Persian: سیر‎)- garlic - symbolizing medicine
    • Sib - (Persian: سیب‎)- apples - symbolizing beauty and health
    • Somāq - (Persian: سماق‎)sumac fruit - symbolizing (the color of) sunrise
    • Serkeh - (Persian: سرکه‎) - vinegar - symbolizing old-age and patience

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    1. Very good article. It makes me interesting with Iranian culture. I know a lot of information about the Norooz.