Friday, November 8, 2013


After defatting south Korea In Seoul ,their capital  city Iran got qualification to participate in World cup 2014.With Ghoochanejad's Goal Iran won the match one-nill causing a smile on the face of every individual, people were celebrating Iran's qualification all across the country, every street was filled with people, air was full of pride.

Reza Ghoochannejad (‎ born 20 September 1987), commonly known as Reza or Gucci, is anIranian-Dutch footballer who currently plays for Belgian club Standard Liège and for the Iran national football team as forward .

Iran is Also one of the strong soccer teams in Asia and it carries 3 AFC championship and it has been the third for four times and the fourth for one time.

Sport and mostly soccer these days is playing a huge role in peoples life style and the way they live, think, and act toward each other. Sports allow nations to compete in peace with sportsmanship and fairness. Sport shows the world that being the best does not bring joy if there is no respect.

Iran's qualification took place approximately one week after Iran's new president Hassan Rohani was elected; Rohani's massage was to soften the relationship among Iran and west. Last week FIFA's president was Invited to Iran, he said he has been invited to Iran before however he find now the right time to come and to also congratulate Iranians for qualifying in 2014 world cup.

The main reason of this visit was to negotiate Iran's offer on hosting AFC in 2019. Rohani  says that Iran is fully prepared to host major international football tournaments. Rohani believes that Sport helps cultures and nations to get closer together and he says “Today, football is not only a sport, but the shining players are countries’ peace ambassadors to football fields,”. TehranTimes believes that this could be a vary good start to get people of the world to know Iran and Iranians.

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