Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Personal Artifact

There are many things that we carry with ourselves through the day,  from our key chain to the wallet full of identification, non can define ones being. How many things that one carries define who they are. How many things are what they are. If I ask you to burn everything, starting from the things that are the hardest to carry in your life, what would you leave. The car and house that you own might be the most valuable things in terms of nominal dollar, but with better ones available everyday, what keeps its value. What is one object that it tells me who you are and how you have affected this world and what is one thing that tells me about your personality.

It was 5 years ago. I was learning that the only way to share a beauty is by describing it, and that happens through nothing but good literature. For a movie or animation is the script and for a song is good lyrics, but everything needs a good piece of thoughtful message behind it. I am into Persian poetry, from the modern Nima to the old Shah-name, I enjoy to the piece of culture that has been in the Iranian lives for centuries. A message, the idea of beauty in ordinary life explained by well thought and wisely put together words. 

My passion for Persian literature got me into writing and describing the moments of my life, moments so simple yet full of beauty that would be enjoyed by readers if described well. It was about four years ago, when I had my first work published in the Iranian Life Magazine ( Zendegi Irani). From that point onward writing and sharing the moments of beauty has became part of my life and I take pride in what I write.

A pen was gifted to me by my parent as a reminder for me to keep writing and practicing this beautiful habit. If there is one object that can describe me and would be a personal artifact for others to know me better would be this pen. A pen symbolizes the sharing of ideas which is something that I enjoy doing and it reminds me of what got me into writing and this passion for literature. It reminds me of my middle school teacher Mr. Shiva who first introduced me to a better understanding of Persian poetry. Every time I look at this pen I thank god for allowing me to see the beauties of life and having supportive parents to allow me follow my passion.

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